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Logiciel is a company specializing in design, software and technology, it was established in 2009, it was able to impose itself strongly and keep pace with the rapid development in information technology, and has become at the forefront of the modern technology train in Africa and the Middle East. Sparkle and crest. Logiciel provides services and solutions for all problems facing companies This is because it performs electronic marketing, creates advertising campaigns and configures it on all electronic platforms, in addition to designing and programming management systems for private companies based on their own programs or on the most famous programs such as UDO, and provides an integrated system for the management of major hospitals and private clinics, a special program for managing the human resources of companies and factories, programming Mobile applications


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Electronic services

  • Address delivery problems An experienced
  • and trained communication team as a 24/7 delivery captain
  • Covering all clients wherever they are in the Kingdom and Sudan
  • Covering all customers from and to Saudi Arabia and Sudan
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Our goals

One of our goals is to cover and connect all regions and governorates within the Kingdom and Sudan with a highly efficient interconnected network through our trained and qualified staff to perform the task, speed in completion of work and delivery of the shipment, and to ensure that customers are satisfied and evaluated by them, and to preserve the commodity from damage or damage


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