Administrative and accounting systems

Logiciel IT provides you with many distinguished administrative and accounting systems related to human resources management, accounting, inventory management and sales, all of which are systems characterized by the ability to continuous development, ease of use, linking many devices and continuous technical support to ensure stability of performance and flow of work.

Implementation steps

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We emphasize here that in order to understand and analyze the various effects of electronic operation on the aforementioned accounting information systems, it is appropriate to address these effects from the angle of their relationship to the three main dimensions on which the design of these systems is based, namely: objectives - the structure or constituents - and the accounting process approaches . Since the systems differ from each other with respect to these specific dimensions, it is expected that accordingly their impact will differ in the concepts of electronic operation of data.

Implementation steps

Environmental analysis by monitoring economic, social, demographic, legal and technological forces on a regular basis to avoid any threat to the company's operations.

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