Sites Design

The presence of a website has become an important factor in defining the identity of companies and institutions in this era, and that is because it represents the gateway to access all information and services.

Implementation steps

Learn the steps the service goes through


  • The process of knowing the client's goals in the introduction will help you determine the budget and then define the general budget and schedule within a written agreement so that it is part of the contract.

Implementation steps

  • Goal identification: The meeting with the customer about the goals that the site needs to achieve, ie: What is the primary purpose?

The Design

  • Layout and sitemap creation - Sitemap and wireframe creation: With well defined scope, we can begin to establish a site map and determine how the content and pages we defined in the scope definition are related.



The Test

  • Testing: Now you have all the pages of the site and you know how they can be exposed to the visitors of the site, so it is time to make sure that everything works, and to make sure that there are no problems holding the user.


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