Special programming

Special programming works to establish a distinguished site as the Internet has become the largest means of communication with others, especially with regard to the field of business, and in many cases the customer has a specific idea to create his site so that the idea meets the desired goal of his facility or the nature of his work. And some ideas need to work special programming to meet the requirements of the site and the purpose of its creation. We at logiciel have a software team that is fully prepared to meet all the software that the customer requires, in the best way, as we use multiple programming languages. Especially php, which is the most used language in software applications. In addition to the elaborate coding process. We strive by all available means and techniques to present the site in the best way that the customer desires.

Implementation steps

Learn the steps the service goes through


  • The data and idea required by the customer are taken in the beginning.
  • Our team studies the project thoroughly and discusses with the client the minutest details of programming in order to reach together exactly what is required.

Implementation steps

  • The appropriate programming language to operate is determined and the database system to be used is determined.
  • After completing the agreement with the possibility of completion, work will begin and the customer will be provided with what has been accomplished stage by stage.

The Design

  • As a first stage, the client's ideas regarding the required design for the site are taken adequately to be worked on by our design team.
  • After completing the design, it is presented to the client in an initial way to take his notes or any modifications required to be worked on.


  • Then we move to the stage of working on coding the design and programming the site.

The Test

  • The site was followed up with the customer after handing it over for a period of one month to catch up any note that the customer provided us.
  • Then the work file will be closed and the site will be handed over permanently.


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