Mobile applications

All the statistics confirm the superiority of trade through electronic applications, especially via mobile phones. Logisial team is your appropriate choice to enter the trade market through your mobile phone due to the experience and high efficiency that it has in design and the multiple advantages it puts in your hands.


Implementation steps

Learn the steps the service goes through


  • We communicate with you to take the idea required of you for the application in all its details and to accurately understand what you want to do

Implementation steps

  • The mission of our team is to see the idea and collect the data and images required to implement it, and to organize it well for launch

The Design

  • The successful application depends on the design and aesthetic suitability in the appearance of the mobile application to users and its approval for your site so that there is no difference between the site and the application through browsing



  • We are working on integrating the data we collected with the idea of ​​the customer and we are working on the programming for the required application



The Test

  • Upon completion, the application is presented to you to have a comprehensive look before it is practically launched for users and to grasp any notes you find
  • Upon completion of the work of the Android or iPhone application and ensuring that it works in the best way, we will launch it for your users by downloading it in the application market so that your users can download it on their devices with ease



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